Characteristics and application of spindle bearing oil

Spindle bearing oil is a special lubricating oil for spindle bearings of precision machine tools and similar equipment. It plays a very important role in ensuring the working accuracy and performance of the spindle and extending its service life. It is also called bearing oil.Its main performance:1, suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristicsTo make the machine tool spindle temperature is not too high and make the machine tool thermal deformation, affect the machining accuracy or make poor lubrication bearing, should according to the structure of the spindle bearing, speed and bearing clearance to choose appropriate temperature of lubricating oil and requires its good viscosity-temperature characteristics, prevent for spindle working temperature and environmental temperature change is big, the change of the viscosity is too large and influence its lubrication performance.2. Good lubricityIn order to maintain a uniform oil film between the spindle and the bearing contact surface, and in the spindle start or stop motion impact load when the oil film will not be damaged, maintain good lubrication performance plays a role in reducing friction and friction heat, reduce the spindle temperature rise, ensure the processing accuracy, requires good lubrication performance.3. Good oxidation resistanceMachine tool spindle in the use of circular lubrication, the spindle bearing oil requires long-term use without deterioration, so it is required to have good oxidation resistance.4, good rust resistanceBecause the oil in the spindle lubrication system in the process of work will inevitably be mixed with air in the condensed water or machine tool coolant, so the oil requires a good rust resistance.

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